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The Nagoya Railroad Company (hereafter "Nagoya Railroad") operates the website displayed at the URL "" (hereafter "Site").Before using this Site, be sure that you agree to the terms and conditions below.

1. Validity and Scope

The validity and scope of this Site Usage Agreement applies to all data and its contents stored on all servers needed for operation of this Site.

2. Copyrights

All copyrights for this Site and contents of this Site belong to Nagoya Railroad unless specified otherwise.
Nagoya Railroad prohibits the copying, transfer, reprinting, electromagnetic processing, distribution, secondary usage, or other related actions on the Nagoya Railroad trademark, company name, logo, photographs, images, descriptions, and other data contents provided on this Site.

3. Information Provided on This Site

  • (1) No guarantee whatsoever is made as to the accuracy, currentness, or usefulness of the information provided on this Site. Also, Nagoya Railroad reserves the right to add, change, correct, delete, or cancel any of this information without notice.
  • (2) The information provided on this Site is current as of the time of posting, and it may no longer reflect the actual situation with the passage of time.
  • (3) The product, campaign, and other information provided on this Site does not cover all available products from Nagoya Railroad or all campaigns being promoted.

4. Links

  • (1) Linking to this Site is limited to the 9 URLs listed below, and links to Nagoya Railroad pages displayed under other URLs are prohibited.
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  • (2) Links from sites containing the following contents are prohibited.
    • a) Sites that defame Nagoya Railroad or third parties, incite a loss of trust, or that may possibly do so
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    • c) Sites that use links to this Site for commercial purposes
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  • (3) Display of this Site directly on the site of a third party can cause misunderstanding among users and is prohibited.
  • (4) Information found on links to third-party web sites ("link sites" below) from this Site is not managed by Nagoya Railroad, and access to these sites is based on the terms and conditions of the respective link site.
  • (5) Nagoya Railroad bears no responsibility for any damage arising from the information or use of the information found on the link sites.

5. Disclaimers

  • (1) Nagoya Railroad disclaims any responsibiity or liability for any damages arising out of information linked to this Site or unable to be linked to this Site for any reason whatsoever.
  • (2) Nagoya Railroad makes no guarantees that this Site is error-free, its functions operate properly and safely, or that the Site and its servers are free from viruses or other harmful components.

6. Information Obtained from Users of This Site

Information obtained from users of this Site consists primarily of name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, and other personal information required for delivering products or sending replies when Nagoya Railroad provides information. We may ask for other information in some cases, but except for the minimum necessary fields, this information is optional and can be provided only if desired.
Nagoya Railroad will not use any personal information it has obtained for any other purposes without consent of the user. However, the personal information obtained by Nagoya Railroad may be provided to a third party when the information is used in the delivery of products or when required by laws and regulations.

For details on how we handle information provided to us, please refer to the "Privacy Policy" on our site.
Guideline for Protection of Personal Information

7. Safety Management

When personal information is registered at this Site, it is transmitted over the Internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to protect the personal information of the user and prevent disclosure to third parties.

8. Cookies

This Site uses cookies for enhanced convenience in timetable/fare searches and other services. However, Nagoya Railroad bears no responsibility if the user disables cookies, and consequently, the full services are not available.

9. Recommended Browsers

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10. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

The laws and regulations of Japan apply to usage of this Site, and the Nagoya District Court is the court of jurisdiction for any disputes arising with Nagoya Railroad.

11. Miscellaneous

Information in the Site Usage Agreement is subject to change without notice.