About Inuyama

Approx. 25 minutes from Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Inuyama Station by Meitetsu rapid limited express / limited express. Inuyama is a city located in the northwest area of Aichi, a prefecture in the central region of Japan. Inuyama is rich in cultural property including Inuyama Castle, one of the five national treasure castles of Japan that were built in the Edo period or before, and Urakuen Japanese Garden containing one of the three national treasure tea houses in the country, JOAN.

For Tourist Inuyama

If you want to experience Japan’s good old days, come to Inuyama Castle Town which spreads around the foot of Inuyama Castle. It features a wealth of historical architecture, and is a popular tourist spot. You can also enjoy eating, shopping and other experiences in the various castle town shops.
You are sure to be welcomed with new discoveries and encounters. So, let’s go for a stroll around Inuyama!

Inuyama Castle Town Map

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