Rich with history, calm and quaint

Gifu is a quaint region with a traditional flavor where the latest fashion trends are born.
It is an area with many faces that keeps visitors from getting bored.

Gifu Castle/Gifu Park

Photo provided by Gifu City

Gifu Castle/Gifu Park

Recreational area located at the west end of Kinkazan. Tourist attractions in Gifu include Gifu Castle and Kinkazan ropeway (in Dosan and Nobunaga Yukari), Gifu City Museum of History, Nawa Insect Museum, Eizo and Toichi Kato Museum of Art and the statue of Itagaki Taisuke.

15 minute bus ride from Meitetsu Gifu station to "Gifu Park/Gifu City Museum of History"

Nagaragawa Ukai

Nagaragawa Ukai

Ukai (Cormorant fishing) performances to spice up the summer of Nagaragawa. Watch the amazing work of the fishermen and before you notice, you will be clapping and cheering. Ukai performances are held from May to October every year.

15 minute bus ride from Meitetsu Gifu station to "Nagarabashi"

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