Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Nagoya Railroad") shall use personal information obtained from users for the following purposes regarding the company's business operations set forth below: to provide information that may benefit users, wherein provision of information may include sending direct mail promotions and visiting users; to provide services and fulfil contracts, such as by sending products to users; and to perform customer administration and after-sale services.

  1. Railway business and cableway business as per the Railway Business Act, and transportation business as per the Act on Rail Tracks.
  2. Automobile transportation business as per the Road Transportation Act.
  3. Contracting of vehicle operation administration.
  4. Sale, purchase, lease, administration, and brokerage of land and buildings; operation of residential land; and advisory regarding real estate investment.
  5. Design, oversight, and contracting of work relating to civil engineering and construction.
  6. Operation of department stores and retail stores, as well as manufacturing, wholesaling, importing, and exporting incidental to these.
  7. Operation of amusement parks, leisure facilities, inns, hotels, dining halls, and baths; dining business, barbershop business, hairdressing and beauty salon business, and cleaning business.
  8. Operation of cultural and sports facilities; education business.
  9. Sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, processed meat and seafood; sale of postage stamps, revenue stamps, lottery tickets, and sports promotion lottery tickets; and retail of liquor and tobacco.
  10. Air transport company agency.
  11. Non-life insurance agency and life insurance solicitation.
  12. Travel agency as per the Travel Agency Act.
  13. Information supply and processing services, software business, telecommunications business, and cable broadcast business.
  14. Operating of vehicle and bicycle parking facilities; warehousing and safety deposit services.
  15. Agriculture, forestry, livestock, and fishery.
  16. Worker dispatch business.
  17. Financial business, movable property rental business, leasing business.
  18. Maritime transport business and pleasure boat business.
  19. Sale of petroleum products; sale and repair of vehicles, maritime vessels, and parts thereof.
  20. Advertising business, printing business, publishing business; event planning, design, and operation.
  21. Cleaning of buildings, vehicles, and other facilities.
  22. Security services.
  23. Industrial waste recycling.
  24. Business management consulting.
  25. Generation and sale of electricity.
  26. All activities incidental to the foregoing.

Purposes of Use of Individual Numbers and Specific Personal Information

Nagoya Railroad shall use individual numbers and specific personal information obtained from users only within the scope of the following administrative tasks.

  1. Administrative tasks related to withholding tax at source for salary income and retirement income.
  2. Administrative tasks related to inhabitant's tax.
  3. Administrative tasks related to employment insurance.
  4. Administrative tasks related to health insurance and employees' pension insurance.
  5. Administrative tasks related to "tertiary insured persons" under the national pension.
  6. Administration tasks under the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act (limited to cases in which an employer is permitted to make an application under the law).
  7. Administrative tasks related to remuneration and fee payment reports.
  8. Administrative tasks related to real estate usage fee payment reports.
  9. Administrative tasks related to payment reports for real estate and other considerations received.
  10. Administration tasks related to payment reports for brokerage fees received in connection with the sale, purchase, or lease of real estate.
  11. Administrative tasks related to defined-contribution pension payout or lump-sum payment (limited to administrative tasks related to the creation of legally-required reports for submission to tax authorities in conjunction with pension payouts or lump-sum payments) (applies only to those participating in such pensions).
  12. Administrative tasks related to payment reports concerning financial instruments and exchange by stock ownership organizations (applies only to those participating in such organizations).
  13. Administrative tasks related to legally-required reports under the Act on Special Measures Concerning Taxation as concern saving schemes (applies only to those participating in such schemes).
  14. 14 Administrative tasks related to payment reports concerning legally-required reports under the Income Tax Act as concern in-house savings deposit schemes (applies only to those participating in such schemes).
  15. All administrative tasks incidental to the foregoing.