Airport Express Train "μ-SKY"

The Airport Rapid Limited Express "μ-SKY" (μ = Greek letter for MU) is a train equipped with modern conveniences that connects the Nagoya metropolitan area to the Central Japan International Airport in the shortest time. Polycarbonate material is used on the facade to emphasize transparency. The body of the train is in blue and white embodying the image of the ever spreading sky and deep sea. Altogether, it accentuates the Airport Express with a fresh design and aquatic feel.

* The μ-SKY Limited Express, the Rapid Limited Express and the Limited Express trains have First class cars which require a railway ticket and a First class car ticket. (The ticket costs 360 yen and is called a "μTicket".)


Signs are displayed in pictures and braille characters. Trains are equipped with space for wheelchair customers. The restrooms are also wheelchair-accessible. Train stop information and the daily news are displayed on a screen in front of each train.
There are 2 luggage rack areas in each car (excluding certain cars).



All seats are reserved and recline, providing you with comfort.

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms

Restrooms are wheelchair-accessible and are equipped with a diaper changing rack.

Luggage racks

There are 2 luggage racks that can hold a total of 10 suitcases on each car (excluding certain cars).